We offer all types of services related to the evaluation and repair of electronic devices

Customer Service

ICP Tech. Solutions has Call Centers that are an integrated component of our service offers. Our Multichannel CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solutions infrastructure operates in outgoing and incoming actions of devices and insures that support is provided throughout the repairing process.

Customized Processes Development

We offer our clients access to our team of engineers that work on a daily basis to continue improving the processes of collection, repair, bouncing-back and delivery. The key points of the supply chain are analyzed in order to insure continual improvement, optimizing deadlines and costs, all aimed at satisfying the client.

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Call Centre department manages tracking deliveries, and information inquiries from consumers.

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Rapidity and agility in the delivery and picking up of the damaged devices.

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Automation of the logistic process with the latest technology.

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Remote technical suport, with telephonic support in commercial schedule.

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System of valise retornable to offer rapidity and safety to the distribution network of our clients.

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System integration within the entire supply chain: incoming items, registration of references, classification, storage, distribution, and transportation.

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Our Project Manager team apply their expertise and dedication to each project optimizing delivery deadlines and quality.

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Online costumers support, which they can tracking each order in real time.

Technological Innovation

ICP TS has its own IT development system that monitors all logistics and laboratory operations, which is integrated into the client’s and the suppliers’ systems.

As well as having modern facilities for the control and handling of replacements, we have PUDOS, mini PUDOS and automated delivery to technicians. Additionally, our laboratory includes the latest technology available in the market for monitoring and testing of terminals, as well as BGA welding equipment. Our installations, equipment, experience and training has granted us certification by the main mobile phone manufacturers:






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